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Promoting Onlyfans, Socials, SEO and AI - Part 3

Sites And Forums

This is Part 3 of a multi-part blog series focused upon promoting Onlyfans and Adult Services using both old tried and true methods of SEO, and delving into the incorporation of new AI horizons. I am delving into the use of AI myself in the promotion and optimisation of my own Onlyfans Video Editing and Design services. As I learn and further refine my own strategies, I’ll be bringing them to you.

You can find Part 1 (here).


Here we head into adopting a more focused specialised approach by pursuing key niches that match the style and material of your Onlyfans channel. Forums like Reddit and so on categorise posts and groups by interest. If you cater to that particular interest, then obviously that’s a locked in target audience sitting right there ready for you to, well, expose yourself to.

I will strongly second this as a strategy to adopt in the promotion of your Onlyfans profile and adult services, and I will use it to illustrate the importance of going your own way and defining your own interests and style.

Just because the most popular creators are doing a certain something a certain way absolutely does not mean that is the only way you should be doing it. I’d actually say the opposite. The more you make yourself like everyone else, the more lost you will become within the noise. With this new coming AI renaissance the noise level is about to go nuclear, and will cloud out everything to the point of obscurity. And it’s probably going to do it within as soon as a year.

Style, definition, and authenticity may just be the only things we have left to promote ourselves upon.

Finding and catering to a niche is the best way to attract the devoted admirers. I’ll be talking a lot more on this in regards to Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fans" article in another Blog Post linked (Here)

Sites, Blogs, and Newsletters

So my AI driven research took me through the use of personal websites, blogs, and also newsletters to send out to devoted fans, suggesting adding the Onlyfans link to those, with the promise of exclusive content.

Yes, this too is kind of a no-brainer… but for like 5-10 years ago.

I’m honestly not so sure as to how successful this tactic might be in this particular industry. The research mentioned how “statistics demonstrate that direct email marketing consistently outperforms many other marketing techniques.”

But that could mean a few things, couldn’t it.

The thing with statistics is that they’re bullshit. I mean what does ‘outperforming’ mean exactly? Are we talking click-through rates? Because I am subscribed to a number of indie-authors’ newsletters (the tactic is immense in that industry) and I ‘click’ those kinds of emails all the time through Apple Mail simply just through deleting another above it. By doing that, it automatically scrolls down to the next. With each of those scrolls I am indeed literally ‘opening the email’, but I’m not reading anything, I’m sure not clicking anything, I’m sure as hell not buying anything, and it’s costing that creator/business money each time I open them.

So if costing you money and receiving no real return is considered a success, then okay, I will accept that “direct email marketing consistently outperforms many other marketing techniques”.

But I will also carry that it sounds like a nothing statement if you ask me.

Now a caveat…

One strategy where this might actually work for Escorts in particular might be through the weekly mailing/texting of a single sexy selfie out to your list, with perhaps mention of your schedule for that week.

You wouldn’t even need to write anything. It’s just an image, a simple little reminder… perhaps timed for slightly later in the afternoon… just letting them know that if they happened to be in a mood, perhaps have had a bad week, or whatever, well… ‘this’ remains an option.

"Just sayin'."

As an aside, This image too is AI generated. She’s got that AI “Fibonacci face”, and there are other elements as well. Look closely at the mirror reflection, the lighting’s off, her body fat’s not folding right; it’s just ‘off’. But it’s a pretty good one, let’s be honest here. I think an artist has orchestrated this one, and has used the AI generator merely as a tool, along with Photoshop and their own skill and experience. This is what I was talking about earlier in regards to using AI with sophistication.


This whole angle being referred to here is of course is the tried and true digital era way of SEO and keyword marketing. It is precisely the tactic I am following right now for writing these posts about Promoting Your Onlyfans and Adult Services in order to help promote my own Onlyfans Video Editing and Design Services that you can totally find here.

Truth be told, as prominent a strategy it does remain, I do think it’s days are very much numbered. As I alluded to before, at the rate these AI systems are evolving, and the amount of sheer noise they will be producing at exponentially improving levels of quality, there is just no way SEO will remain a viable strategy for long. I mean not a chance. I’m employing it now as simply a final burst while it makes its final kicks of life. I found a niche of my own, I’m jumping on it to get what traction I can, and will adjust again in a year or so when that tactic is no longer viable.

So these suggestions are viable, yes, especially that about involving yourself in niche groups. If you yourself have a definable niche, then damn, jump all in asap, because I don’t know how much time we have left.

If you want to try the newsletter thing, then yeah you could use these AI systems like ChatGPT to produce content, and yes that will make the creation process more streamlined. But honestly, at that stage I kinda start questioning the validity of the whole thing. If it ain’t you, then what exactly are you offering them? Because in the field of Onlyfans, and Escorts and Adult Content and Services, it’s all about ‘you’ and what you can provide. They’re after you. They’re picking you over countless others who lie just one click away.

So what I would advise is to perhaps use AI to lay a foundation, just as I have for these blogs, but then taking the time to rewrite that content in your own words. People can absolutely pick where it’s not you talking, and again, in the context of Onlyfans, intimacy is the key.

You do not want to compromise your most valuable asset through automating its promotion.

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