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II was a fan of Star Wars when I was a kid, and though I'm more a 40K guy now, the potential of the SW narrative universe inspired me to conceptualise and develop my own takes.

These are below.

Wavy Circles


A psychological thriller in that galaxy far far away





This is an experimental work I first conceptualised back in the days of KOTOR and the Prequel Trilogy. Several years ago I was feeling pretty down about things and the lack of progress on my work. I decided to task myself with the challenge of going all in on a purely creative project from which I have no chance of monetary gain. I wanted to dislodge myself from the overhead of money and develop my style based completely on the muse.


So I dug up my old concept for a Star Wars story, jumped into the lore, into Wookiepedia and videos and the expanded universe, and rewrote that story in the way I would like to see the license go.


The Order of One makes referral to, but is completely independent from the official SW lore and timeline, reinterpreting the fundamental mechanics of ‘The Force’ and concepts of Light and Dark, relating them more to real world concepts like Order and Chaos, Masculine and Feminine, with ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ being mere symptoms.


So, don’t go in expecting your standard SW story… but… it’s free.

Wavy Abstract Background

In early 2019 I found myself a bit disappointed with SW Ep7 & 8 and the direction Disney was taking the license. Alternative paths for the story began jumping into my head, and I decided to set for myself a creative project from which I could maybe gain some Patreon backing and open up a creative network for myself that might lead to new opportunities.

I wrote 6 episodes for the 'Prelude' period from the end of Ep6 through to 7, and three parts each for Episode's 7, 8 & 9. I then spent three months putting the first together, photo bashing together from movie clips and images, animating them and honing the visual compliment to the story. I created all the music as well, at least to the best of my beginner's ability, inspired of course from the movie music.

I put everything I had into it... and it went nowhere, lol. No response whatsoever; maybe 7 views, no comments, no likes, nothing. I moved on, if not shoving it out of my mind, and forgot about it for maybe 4 years until just recently where I risked having a look at it again... and I actually think it's pretty good. I'm proud of it. So I decided to enhance the audio a bit and re-upload.

You can watch the first and only episode here.

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