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For Adult Industry Content Creators & Service Practitioners.

Women, Men & LGBT friendly.


I can provide you with elite level Content, Branding, Promotional Asset Production, Compositional Advice & Project Development Strategy, raising your presence to the standard it needs to be.

"He has the best work hands down. Very creative and very fast turn around. I suggest him for all your media projects. You can’t go wrong."

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The core of my service lies in Video & Image Editing...

but expands far beyond that.

  • At the very least I can edit and produce your core content quickly and efficiently, branded to your identity.

  • I can create SFW Reels for Social Media and perhaps a short dynamic Content Promo to market that specific product.

  • I can create a longer, stylised Channel Promo Video to pin as your flagship marketing asset.

  • I can develop for you a defined and robust Logo and overall Brand Identity, ready for Digital and Print, with multiple colour variants making it adaptable for varied application. I can also animate this identity for your videos.

  • I can create Explainer Videos for your services, and ‘About Me’ Interview Videos, presenting a more personal side of you for your audience and clientele.

  • I can design Posters, Pamphlets, Cards and yeah we can talk branded merchandise because I can do that too. In fact I find clothing design particularly fun.

This is not a cookie-cutter template service. That approach is boring to me, and I avoid creating the same thing for any two clients. You are an individual, so you will get a unique reply.


I want to gather a limited number of long-term clients who I get to know, I can help refine and define, who I can strategise for in service of their unique style, and with whom I develop and rise alongside.


So hit me up, and let’s make something real.


A client promo, supplied footage, sourced music, but the edit's all mine.

Openness and Transparency

In the coming storm of the AI renaissance, everything we know in terms of online personalities, personas and brands, and how they are utilised and perceived is going to collapse. Everything and everyone will be fake, while at the same time no one will be able to hide.


My prediction is that the only thing we’re going to have left of any tangible value is openness and honesty, so that’s what I endeavour to offer, and what I expect in return from my clients. I much prefer up front communication and building long-term relationships. I use zoom video consultancies, and regular back and forth through email and Telegram. I do not keep you at arm’s length. I am not a faceless entity. I am a solo entity looking to sustain an online income through the application of what I enjoy. That’s it.

So let’s work together, blend our interests and experience and make something legit.

Candy Cotton

I am not an agent... but let's talk.


There are plenty of agencies out there who can take the management of your accounts and so on out of your hands. If you are looking to just hand all the meta-level side of your business over to someone else, well you're best looking somewhere else as I am not one of them.


My client focus leans towards the more industrious and entrepreneurial, people who like to maintain their own operations but simply require assistance on certain aspects here and there. This is YOUR business, YOUR content, YOUR efforts, so YOUR profits. I will produce your content, share my skills and observations and strategies. I will do what I can to assist you in building and defining your brand and business from the rest

No subscriptions, No ownership, just two independents working together.

Along those lines; I am also open to working with agencies. Though 'technically' we may be competition, our target clientele do not cross over, so hit me up and we'll work something out.

A promo I did for a management agency. Sourced the footage and music, but I wrote the copy and made the edit.

Amazing communication, very transparent, professional and has been incredibly easy to work with. Will now be creating weekly videos!

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A client promo, supplied footage, sourced music, but the edit's all mine.

My Rates


My rates tend to begin around $25usd for a most basic video edit. So that’s a basic crop, framing, basic colour correction and adding your logo for your core content.


Extras like skin smoothing, music, colour ‘grading’, titling and stylised transitions; that tends to take it up to around $35usd to $50usd.


Channel Promo Videos tend to involve far more work, so tend to start around the $100usd mark. If you want to work on a special larger projects… let’s talk.


Logos and Branding is all over the shop. It can be $100+, or it can be free. That is a complex issue requiring case-by-case discussion.


Websites generally hit about $200usd for a basic site, and go up from there depending on complexity. I can use Wordpress, but sites like Wix and Squarespace just offer so much better value for money, and tend to only cost about $150usd a year, give or take, so that’s what I recommend.


You’ll notice that I am being vague with the prices. Well that is because everyone is different, and have different requirements.


Get in touch, let me know your situation, we’ll work things out.

Alternatively, get me via my Fiverr Gig Here

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