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A highly-conceptual and visceral science-fiction series throwing back to many of the IPs that informed my childhood.

Book 1

An expansive visceral epic exploring Humanity’s next step.



In a future Cyberpunk world, the corporate megapolis of Mumbai is an island of vice and indulgence within the interstellar Empire of Terra.


An Imperial Task Force of Homo-Transcendants lands within the subterranean city of eternal night known as The Craves. They are betrayed and set upon by a street militia army leading to immediate all out war. The team is separated, and leader Rennai is hunted relentlessly through the neon-stroked depths.


The Corporate’s true target however is the Enchant Ki’Soun, virtual royalty and conduit for Humanity’s AI goddess Aiza flowing through the static currents of all Imperial worlds. As to why they seek her is unknown, how the team were betrayed is unknown, why the Enchant brought the team to Mumbai at all is unknown, but Rennai must find, protect and extract her at all costs.


The Corporate AI, Sarpheriss the Trickster, counters and impedes his efforts, and Rennai is fiercely engaged by a Vampiric and Vampish bounty hunter from the deep black until finally receiving aid from a humble and unexpected source.


But another presence is becoming known, flowing upon the currents alongside its AI kin. It is spreading, changing and corrupting those upon which it obtains a grasp. It is a presence perhaps not from Earth or humanity at all, perhaps spawned from beyond the interstellar frontier itself.


“Good God, man – where do you get this stuff from! I have no idea where I would start trying to write a story like this.”


Vallecia, Book One of The AiZA Series, is the beginning of an expansive, creative, evocative and visceral space opera founding itself within Cyberpunk, Dystopian and Genetic-Engineering themes, to then expand into the stratosphere beyond. Drawing influence from the greatest Sci-Fi IPs like BladeRunner, Dredd, Warhammer40K, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, RoboCop, Starship Troopers, The Fifth Element, Cyberpunk 2077 and The Expanse.


Book 2 & 3 are now in development.


“Funny, Gritty, Mature, Unique Concepts and Deep Characters.”

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