A highly-conceptual and visceral science-fiction series throwing back to many of the IPs that informed my childhood. I plan to launch an episode a month when circumstances allow.






An expansive visceral epic exploring Humanity’s next step.


A team of the elite Imperial Apex Legion lands secretly for a mission within the neon-stroked ever-night city of ‘The Craves’, basement level of the Mumbai Megapolis. They are surprised by a motley gang militia army of Homo-Sapiens and Homo-Gargantuan, who engage immediately in full scale urban war.


News spreads quickly of the arrival of these super-human Devils, these psychopathic Angels of Death from the crystal Imperial citadels of Brazil who seek to steal local women and children to toy with and eat. Head of the militia, Aminal Madan, observes the situation. Answering to his faceless corporate overseers, he sets to hunting the intruders down. He employs the consortium of privately developed AI gods known as ‘the Trickster’ Sarpheriss, while reluctantly sharing the spoils with a hunter from a vampiric and vampish Hominid species born from the Galactic frontier.


Marshal Randeep Duman and his Homo-Gallilean First Deputy Penpei Nai are the Empire's sole representatives within this corporate utopia of indulgence, lust, vice and excess. They are intrigued, though remain cautiously neutral with the sudden chaos. Penpei in particular is indignant to the Apex Team’s now precarious plight.


But with the invaders has arrived a Guardian Enchant, symbol of Imperial nobility and direct conduit for the Goddess Aiza, soul of the Homo-Sapien Terran Empire, birthed from its founder the Deitine herself. Under oath the Marshal will devote himself to the Enchant’s aid, and Penpei will stand with him, directly opposing the will of the corporate strato-towers siring above.


Meanwhile, the Homo-Transcendent and Apex Leader Rennai Aklass stalks the dark city’s rooftops now separated from his team. They have been betrayed, left for dead, and Rennai will devote himself entirely, through any level of blood, destruction and gore to get the Enchant and his beloved kin back.


“Good God, man – where do you get this stuff from! I have no idea where I would start trying to write a story like this.”


Vallecia Series One is the beginning of an expansive, creative, evocative and visceral space opera founding itself within Cyberpunk, Dystopian and Genetic-Engineering themes, to then expand into the stratosphere beyond. Drawing influence from the greatest Sci-Fi IPs like BladeRunner, Dredd, Warhammer, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, RoboCop, Starship Troopers, The Fifth Element, Cyberpunk 2077 and The Expanse.


“Funny, Gritty, Mature, Unique Concepts and Deep Characters.”

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