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1000 True Onlyfans? Another Way to 0.1%

It’s an exciting and inspiring thing to see these Onlyfans 0.1%ers making all this money and these posts of them living the high life. It makes one place themselves into their shoes and perhaps view their own comparative achievements as being lacklustre.

The issue with this habit of setting our sights so far into the distance, is that by doing so, we often make that one defined goal our only definition of success. Every other progression or advancement we make in the interim is then held against the light of that ultimate goal, and in turn becomes dramatically pale by comparison. This is dangerous, because it has a deep-seated effect upon morale. You find it harder to stay in a positive or even neutral mindset.

There are psychological studies which have shown that a neutral to negative mindset tends to lead to half the productivity and capacity for creative thought than a positive one. But we don’t need some study to tell us that; it’s obvious. Considering Onlyfans Creators in particular have so much swinging on maintaining a positive proactive mood, not keeping that morale up will have a more than dramatic effect upon your business.

From there it’s a steady decomposition of cause and effect. The lack of comparative success you receive in light of those successful others gets you down. They have millions of followers. You have maybe 100. You’re not even a blip. Your flat, if depressive state hinders your ability to create enticing content, your audience of 100 responds, drops to 83, your negative situation is emphasised, and around and around you go.

But perhaps what we might do is start detaching ourselves from distant goals.

In 2008, Kevin Kelly, the founder of ‘Wired Magazine’ wrote an article titled "1,000 True Fans." In this article he posits an alternate way of thinking about things.

Rather than aiming for the mass market and trying to find “a million followers” so you then may finally allow yourself to be considered a success… how about focusing instead upon find 1000 true fans who are willing to pay you $100 a year for your work?

That gets you a $100,000 a year.

Anyone can easily live on $100,000 a year. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying to themselves or is simply just so detached from reality that you can't take much stock in what they say. You can live on $50k a year, and by doing that, gain another $50k to cycle back into your business and take that $100k up to a million pretty damn quick.

1000 people, $100 a year, is entirely doable. And anchoring yourself to that goal makes every new true fan you make in itself a success.

Or… 500 paying $200 a year. Tell me you could not figure out $200’s worth of content in a year.

Of course you could. Release a specialist video per month at $20 and you’re making over that. 1 a week for $5, you’re making over that.

1000 true fans at $200, well that’s $200K.

2000 true fans is $400k. It’s jumping up pretty quick from there.

It's just a matter of amplification, either through gaining the followers, or raising your output. My advice would be; if you’re focusing upon generalised content, then focus upon raising the true fan count. If you have a niche, and have found a source for those niche enthusiasts, then concentrate on raising the production (You can use AI to help you do this. I have a post on that here).

Another lead would be to learn the interests/needs of those fans and make yourself a hub within that community for other similar creators or sponsors, businesses or products. You are a public face with a dedicated audience; that in itself is prime real estate, and those dedicated sponsors and businesses themselves could easily net you a few hundred a year.

It's about perspective.

You are in an industry where the Creator/Audience relationship is far more personal. Even if you don’t do the Twitch streams or chats and you try to keep them at arm’s length, you’re still giving them you. This “1000 True Fans” mentality is precisely the mentality to adopt in this equation.

Maybe forget the 0.1%, and think about that approach instead.


I am a Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist & Graphics Branding Designer for Onlyfans Creators, Escorts & Adult Industry Workers. You can check out my services here.

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