A psychological thriller in that galaxy far far away


This is more is an experimental work I first conceptualised back in the days of KOTOR and the Prequel Trilogy. Several years ago I was feeling pretty down about things and the lack of progress on my work. I decided to task myself with the challenge of going all in on a purely creative project from which I have no chance of monetary gain. I wanted to dislodge myself from the overhead of money and develop my style based completely on the muse.


So I dug up my old concept for a Star Wars story, jumped into the lore, into Wookiepedia and videos and the expanded universe, and rewrote that story in the way I would have the lore go upon a Disney-style retcon. The Order of One makes referral to, but is completely independent from the official SW lore and timeline. Lucas infamously said “Star Wars is for 12yr olds”, well The Order of One definitely ain’t. I dove deep into reinterpreting the fundamental mechanics of ‘The Force’ and concepts of Light and Dark, relating them more to real world concepts like Order and Chaos, Masculine and Feminine, with ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ being mere symptoms, because that’s how I see it would actually work. Good and Evil is 12yr old shit to me, and in denial of reality. The refusal of sexuality as well I find to be completely undermining of the IP. How can you tell a story about humanity while denying the most fundamental pillar of human psychology?


I also don’t like the typical SW fanbase. I find them unsophisticated, overly simplistic, immature and too fearful of change. They don’t want to make effort with anything. They want Hollywood cookie cutter simplicity and superficiality locked to a 12yr old age bracket, and that’s it. I did not like most of the Disney SW productions, but I actually blame the fanbase for them. Disney is just a symptom, a money making enterprise attracted to that golden goose. Their mentality and approach I see as being merely a direct response to the austerity imposed by the fanbase long before Lucas sold it.


I have no respect for that mentality whatsoever; it’s like the exact opposite of my target audience, so I am pretty damn certain the typical Star Wars fan will hate The Order of One. I also really could give less of a shit if they do, and would actually take that as a source of pride. It would mean I’m on the right track. So if you’re a mainstream SW fan, maybe step on from this one.


If, like me, you’ve always liked ‘the potential’ of the Star Wars IP, but grew out of it with adulthood,  growing bored with its self-restrictions, maybe you might find interest in The Order of One.



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At a time of galactic war, a beast of incredible power has emerged. Though peaceful his surface appears, from the Dark he has come, and unbridled destruction awaits release. To the Dark he seeks to return to unseat the darkest of all, and none shall stand in his way.

But a young Jedi scholar has been issued a task. Turn this beast towards the Light, as the Force wills. Alone into the wild realms she must go, through slavers, psychopaths, and predators of the Dark, dependent entirely for sanctuary upon the very beast she seeks to tame.

But such dependence untaps within the young Jedi a Darkness of her own, a hidden potential now the beast seeks to nourish and release.  

May the Force never choose you.



.epub & .mobi

EPISODE THREE - In Development.

The story and scenes are all worked out. If people have interest in it, I'll devote time towards getting it done.