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Promoting Onlyfans, Socials, SEO and AI - Part 4


This is Part 4 of a multi-part blog series focused upon promoting Onlyfans and Adult Services using both old tried and true methods of SEO, and delving into the incorporation of new AI horizons. I am delving into the use of AI myself in the promotion and optimisation of my own Onlyfans Video Editing and Design services. As I learn and further refine my own strategies, I’ll be bringing them to you.

You can find Part 1 (here).


So in my research, ChatGPT has suggested that another strategy for promoting your Onlyfans, Escort and Adult Services is to cross-promote and collaborate with others. Collaboration options include setting up a co-stream or working together to create posts and videos, you know the deal.

It advises that when you collaborate with another who creates material that is comparable to your own, there is a good chance their audience will enjoy yours as well.

Yes I agree, though I would not stick to this point exclusively. Very often a style ‘mash up’ brings a whole new level of uniqueness greater than the individual value of it’s parts. We’ve all seen good music style cross overs, and people don’t only like one thing. So by all means team up with others in your niche, but every now and then open yourself up to being the alien in another’s realm. You just do not know what might come from it. At the very least it might just be interesting to see how others work.

I’ll need to talk to Escorts about this, but I’m wondering if an idea could be to team up with another, perhaps with a complimentary aesthetic, and offer a ‘bulk-buy’ option… in lack of a far better term than that obviously…

‘Devilish Duet.’ We’ll go with that. So you could both offer a ‘Devilish Duet’ option for I dunno, 25% off the normal price of you both. You could agree on a price, work out some game tactics, and take some paired photos of you together for use on both your sites and socials, cross-marketing each other. I imagine that would tend to lead to less effort required for both on the job as well, but I’m completely guessing there of course.

Amongst the male fantasies, the multi-women thing is a big’un, but it’s tough enough to make happen that it even just knocks it out of the mind of many as being an option at all. For you to optimise the path towards making that happen? “Hey you know that two-girl fantasy you’ve always had? Yeah well here it is right here. One text, one payment, all organised. It’s yours.

"You got the Bitcoin baby? Oh we'll creep you out from aaallll angles."

That would not be a bad idea at all I don’t think.

Whether for Onlyfans or just general content creation, collaboration I regard as being one of the better strategies… But… you need to find good people, be quick to cut the bad, and above all you need to maintain your independence.

The last thing you want is to fall too much into a larger creator’s shadow, and thus lose confidence in your own style. The more often you work with that dominant force, whether that be dominant in popularity or in personality, the more -even just subconsciously- you’re going to adopt their characteristics, their schedule, their colour, so in turn lose more of yourself. Sooner or later you will be no more than just another clone of them, and in the eyes of the market you will disappear.

You need to diversify, remain independent, and remain you.

You also need to make sure you’re receiving an equal share of that deal, and I don’t mean just monetarily. Your handles need to be on their posts and on those videos. Your name needs to be there, or no deal. I have seen collaborations where I’ve wondered who this one particular cool chick might be, and her name is nowhere to be found. Okay sure, they might have had it on the video description maybe? Or mentioned via their socials when promoting? I don’t know. I didn’t see any of that. I just saw a video where three girls were involved, yet only the primary creator’s name and the obnoxious editor’s logo showed up in the opening splash page. That is not cross-promotion; that is you being used as a tool for another’s career.

It doesn’t matter how big a name they might have or following they might command; you need to get yours, otherwise there’s no point.

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