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Promoting Onlyfans, Socials, SEO and AI - Part 1

Updated: May 15, 2023

I am not one to claim I am a marketing expert. What I am is an Onlyfans and Adult Services Content Editor and Producer. I edit Videos, touch up Images, Design Logos and Branding, Personal Websites, things like that. Marketing and Promotion however do naturally come hand with this, so strategies and tactics are ever at the forefront of my mind.

I have been looking quite heavily into AI tools and AI-driven tactics to employ to my own means. I’ve also been researching and confirming the common existing ‘current gen’ tactics, so I might then conceptualise how the coming transition might go, and where the avenues of opportunity might lie. I wanted to lay out a few initial thoughts as part of this master blog series on applying this to promotion in the Onlyfans and Adult Content market. This obviously assists my clients, and in turn assists me.

Now full disclaimer here for the interests of transparency; the reason this blog exists is to spike up the SEO of my site and promote my Video Editing & Design Services for Onlyfans Creators and Sex Industry Workers. I will be obnoxiously writing such phrases in that annoyingly overly-descriptive way all throughout this blog series. I apologise in advance.

However… I really dislike creating anything of my own that has a solely monetary value to it. It’s also the reason why I don’t refer to myself as a marketer, or will pitch any services along those lines. Although I am using these posts as a keyword saturation tactic, part of a greater SEO exposure strategy, I do want to create something here that’s actually worth a damn to others. I figured that I’d try help people by laying out some actual legitimate tips for Onlyfans promotion, offer my thoughts and perspective on the effects of AI, and scrub two birds in the process.

Another thing of note; I have used ChatGPT to produce the core framework for this post. This is an AI-structured post. However, I have also rewritten it in my own voice for two reasons. The primary reason I will address right at the end of the series. The secondary is to dodge the AI filters. This is something most are not yet aware of.

Google and other services have filters in place to catch and syphon off AI-generated content so it doesn’t game the algorithm. So there are armies of opportunists out there now, thinking they’ve got this magic quick-buck trick, loading their sites and blogs up with reams of AI-forged generic text... but in reality they may actually be harming their promotion more than helping it.

If there’s one thing I’ve found over the years is that “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. The quickest and easiest way will always be the most popular, the most explored, the most exploited, so in turn the most underperforming. No matter what wonder tools might come in the future, the rule will always be that if you want to stand out from the rest, you have to put in the work.

Right off the bat, I would advise you habitualise your thought process towards AI tools being just that; ‘tools' for you to incorporate into your strategy. As revolutionary they may be, they are not your free ride. They are not a replacement for your efforts, but a potential assistance.

And a hell of an assistance they may be, ‘if’ you are active and strategic about their use.

Here’s an example of what I consider to be overuse:

You may have seen this already, but yes this is an AI-generated image constructed for an Onlyfans account. It may look real, at first, and it would certainly have the desired spontaneously arousing effect for a lot of men. It did for me upon first glance.

It absolutely serves a purpose and does it well. But to anyone experienced who is actively looking, you can pick the flaws here pretty quick, and once they’ve been seen, they become hard to ignore. That inception now seeded into the brain quickly spreads and corrupts the user’s perception of the whole channel.

This is what I would call a ‘Groman’. It’s what Hentai brought into play back in the 90s, where thirty-something womens’ bodies have teen girls’ faces stamped on them in the hunt for the perfect blend of "womanly sensuality and youthful purity" or whatever.

It works for Hentai, because that’s a cartoon.

But take another good look at that AI image above...

  • The skin consistency and elasticity is different between faces and bodies,

  • the skeletal frames do not match,

  • the musculature is fully developed on the bodies while the heads are not.

  • And that’s not to mention the serious graphical flaw going on with the hands and the central girl’s bra.

The more you look at the image, the more the ‘uncanny valley’ sets in. Working in Games Development and 3D Art around the century’s opening stages, I observed just how much the uncanny valley would curse an entire production. It became a well known curse to avoid at all costs. Several really high-budget 3D films made a attempt at realism in the 2000s because they had developed this defining breakthrough technology, only to utterly fail because it just wasn’t, quite, there…

And audiences, if only subconsciously, rejected it outright. And this is something I think Onlyfans Creators looking to capitalise on the AI renaissance need to really keep in mind.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 2001 quite famously failed due to the 'uncanny valley' effect.

This has happened before, and there are distinct lessons to be learned.

Cartoons and obviously caricatured art direction do just fine. That's why Hentai is seeing a resurgence now with the Z-Pop kiddies. But realism needs to be incredibly sophisticated or it becomes actually counterproductive in its performance. The last thing though that you could call the scramble to profit from AI we see at the moment, is ‘sophisticated’.

I’m actually anticipating a massive obnoxious adoption… then a massive rejection… followed by a more measured re-intertwinement executed with more nuance that will more firmly cement AI into the culture.

“Oh I’ll just get AI to do it!”

Yeah good luck. The easiest way to do things by default becomes the way everyone does things, and in a market driven by definition, that is the shore fire way to become lost in the crowd. I think the mentality of using these tools as ‘assisters’ and not ‘creators’ is the key.

So, what’s this blog series about?

Well as mentioned, I have used ChatGPT to gather up the tried and true methods and practices of promotion that exist in the current gen, which Onlyfans Creators along with Escorts and other Adult Industry workers can use to get more eyes on their… well, in this case everything.

I am following this intro with a string of posts breaking down those suggested practices. Now truth be told, there’s nothing too surprising here, but I am analysing these in context, placing my own spin on them and relating them directly to Promoting your Onlyfans and Adult Services (blatant SEO grab there, I know. I ain't sorry and I ain't stopping).

Also, quite often you need to have what you already know shoved back in your face in order to actualise it as a viable tactic, so give a skim through, and maybe you’ll get some ideas. You will at the very least know what most other people are doing, which often in my case leads to me avoid adopting it as a strategy, or at least conceptualising an alternate interpretation… an altered aspect as it were.

More and more in this ever more noisey world of tireless self-promotion, I think authenticity and uniqueness will reign supreme.

So, let’s get rolling with Part 2… Social Media

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