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Promoting Onlyfans, Socials, SEO and AI - Part 2


This is Part 2 of a multi-part blog series focused upon promoting Onlyfans and Adult Services using both old tried and true methods of SEO, and delving into the incorporation of new AI horizons. I am delving into the use of AI myself in the promotion and optimisation of my own Onlyfans Video Editing and Design services. As I learn and further refine my own strategies, I’ll be bringing them to you.

You can find Part 1 (here).


Whether you’re brand new to OnlyFans or a veteran looking for advice on how to improve your strategy for promotion, here is the technique ChatGPT compiles as number one…

Social Media.

Yeah I know... this is pretty much ‘well duh’.

There is a reason though as to why the silicon god has placed this at pole position, and that is because whether you love it or hate it, it really does remain the most effective method. It just does. I wish it wasn’t, because I for one suck at it. I don’t use it, don’t have the energy, and don’t promote myself. I have accounts for reference purposes, but I don’t post to them. I have always been a background guy, a ‘producer’ not a ‘performer’, and I just don’t ever have anything I wish to bother people with, certainly not enough to warrant weekly posts.

Regardless though, it remains the most effective method, so I still study it, and analyse and strategise hypotheticals. I would suggest you at least keep it in mind also if you wish to promote yourself on Onlyfans and your Escort and/or Adult services.

One thing I’m finding many fail to do is to spread themselves wide across multiple channels and avenues.

I was talking to a client about this just a few days ago. He was placing most of his weight on TikTok simply due to that being the most popular platform, and the one where he had the most movement. Well this does not mean that he cannot still get a click from that one person on Instagram, through sheer happenstance, who usually uses TikTok themselves but has just simply not yet found him on there. And the fact that he discovered him on Instagram may just very well trigger that IG algorithm to attract more on that platform, in turn making that platform more of an asset.

That’s just a quick one-off example, but I do think it shows how it remains a good general mentality to cast your net wide.

A suggestion I have in regards to Sex Workers and Onlyfans Creators, is to consider creating a hierarchal tier list of these platforms in terms of how they relate to the psychology of ‘enticement’.

You’re probably doing this already without even knowing it. I know young women are often raised to ‘not give everything away all at once’, (for all that’s worth these days lol), but what I’m talking about is directly strategising it.

What you could do is re-class these platforms by ‘Level of Tease’.

Enticement is obviously the name of the sexual game, and once you’ve developed your brackets upon the scale for how far you’re willing to go with your followers/clients, from anonymous ‘read-only’ content to direct physical meetings and sex, ranking your platforms to that same tier list I think might greatly work to your favour.

A tier list might be:

  • General Presence & Interaction, Chatting.

  • SFW Enticement, Innuendos, Suggestive Content & Interaction

  • Blatant Sexualised, SFW’ish Content & Streams, SFW Promo Trailers

  • R-Rated Sexual Content & Streams, SFW’ish Promo Trailers

  • X-Rated Sexual Content & Streams NSFW Content & Promo Trailers

  • Physical Meetings

This is just off the top of my head obviously, and where many of you are crossing off the physical meeting, others are also crossing off the Chatting. Many as well are crossing off the production of content altogether, and just want to skip straight to the physical meets. Whatever.

The idea is that you want more of the upper tiers than the lower, spreading that net wide and gaining more exposure to your free baiting assets. But you actually want less sources for the lower tier, less places where you go ‘all in’, and less places where you monetise, not more.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but you want to maintain and monetise that ‘exclusivity’.

“You can see me everywhere, but only get this level of me here”, and you maintain as much control over that place as you can, with as few a middleman taking their cut as you can manage.

It might be worth your while doing an audit of your existing services and platforms and laying it out in front of your own eyes in this analytical way. You might not only gain a better idea on where you might pull back a little, what loose ends and potential liabilities you might best cut completely, but also what potential untapped areas you might wish to pursue.

The AI research I did for this post suggests that “by cross-promoting your OnlyFans account on multiple social media platforms, followers will be excited to find you on OnlyFans if you've developed a devoted following on social media! So let your admirers know, provide a link to your page or include it in your bio.”

Well that’s basically the gist of what I’m saying above. You play the psychological aspect, and treat the upper tier platforms as a syphon down to a more concentrated and controllable money-generating core.



So this is a creator I just found recently, a relatively local girl to me down on the Gold Coast. I tell all my clients about Scarlet, using her as a case study for how to open their mindset to alternate avenues.

So this girl nails it to about 85% in my opinion. She's a full pornstar at the core, XXX content via Onlyfans, which she promotes via X-Rated Promos and posts via Twitter, and then more SFW via IG and Tiktok I think, whatever, I don’t actually know the extent of her strategy, because it’s her Youtube channel which is my focus.

What Scarlet does is 'try-on' vids, where 'content-wise' she keeps things completely legit. She talks only about the clothing she is showcasing, and about the deals the brand is offering through her, but the way she does it is absolutely for her true audience. She plays around and does all the right little teases and turns; she readjusts the clothing right there on camera to “show the other ways it can be worn”, but it's just straight up to bait the audience to her more adult content off-site. It's a straight manipulation and I can say with certainty that her audience don'give'a'fffuuuu, because she's great.

That's right 270K subs... 7... 'million' views. 7 fucking million lol.

We can safely say that Scarlet has found for herself a nice little baiting asset.

Take a look through a couple of her vids, give her likes, she’s great, and have a think about how you might also employ a similar indirect strategy for your business.

Now you will notice before I said I think she nails to “85%”. This is because I see a flaw in her strategy.

I would personally advise to not go ‘all in’ on Twitter just because you can, but instead keep it to an R-rating. Scarlet Chase sells these X-Rated videos I presume on Onlyfans, but she’s giving enough of it away on Twitter to satiate enough fish off of the hook.

Her enticement game from Youtube is freaken A-Class, but she then loses the momentum on the Twitter step by giving too much away at that mid-level. I wonder if she might be better off making her Twitter trailers SFW’ish, so that her followers there know that content exists… but they ain’t quite able to get it unless they take that final step to her paid platforms.

Anyway to wrap up, the Silicon-God informs that you can create "sneak preview" posts for Twitter whenever you publish new OnlyFans content by direct-linking the accounts.

You do this via hitting up Settings > Account, then selecting the Twitter symbol after clicking "Compose new post”.

This will notify your Twitter followers that they must become subscribers to your OnlyFans in order to view that content. This is where I would advise editing it to an R-Rating.

Also, by integrating your Twitter account, you obtain a verified checkmark next to your name on OnlyFans, and that’s all good. This would also be a way of countering the fake accounts when you start gaining popularity.

I’m going to move on now, but to further your own study in this, something I will suggest is for you to look into ‘Omnichannel marketing', and start opening yourself to thinking in those terms. Just type that into ChatGPT and go from there.

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