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Getting Down on Onlyfans with AI

My name is Dani Streay, and I am a Video Motion & Graphic Designer, you can view my services here. For the most part I work jobs for larger corporates and small businesses, but since the pandemic I’ve noticed a general reluctance if nervousness evolve with clients, with constant indecision now greatly hampering what would once be fluid processes.

After two major client jobs fell through the end of last year, purely due to indecision, I knew I needed to start hauling ass in some alternate directions. I began looking for different avenues of video editing and graphic design, and found pretty much all of them to be overly saturated markets, with the top tier gaining all the good projects and the rest competing their way down to ‘bottom feeder’ status.

But then I had a thought…

I write a lot of books, always have, and although they don’t focus on sex, they’ve always tended to have a higher sexual nature to them. I don’t know why that is, I myself am quite vanilla in my sexuality; it has just simply never bothered me so I write sexuality as freely as I write violence and other themes. I hear people say they get uncomfortable with sexuality in media and I don’t get it at all. They’re fine with violence; tearing someone’s arm off, that’s all good, but a bra? That apparently causes a repulsive reaction in people, and society in general actually considers these people to be the healthy ones.

Well… I disagree.

Taking into account how we spent the overwhelming majority of our existence as this species and those before it, and the way we lived and interacted, there ain’t a chance in hell such a repulsion towards sexuality is a ‘natural' thing.

Anyway, tangent. So what jumped into my head was maybe trying my hand at editing content for Onlyfans and the Adult industries. I took a look at the competition, and well… holy shit, there was a gaping void. Most high-level video editors are a little too established in the mainstream so view leaning into the taboo territories to be a risk. When they do, they seem to have this fear about them, and can’t show their faces or names; they avoid having any association linking to their identities.

Well I’ll wear that association just fine.


An aside: Though Onlyfans Creators essentially sell their natural selves, they could definitely take advantage of this new renaissance of AI driven tools to enhance and optimise their business. You can read more in my dedicated blogpost here.


The mainstream never offered me anything anyway, so I have no problems having this right here on my personal site. I jumped on that niche and I gotta say it has taken off pretty damn well. I am bringing all the expanded skills and avenues and strategies from the business/corporate side of Design and Production and Brand Identity and so on over into the realm of independent Onlyfans and Adult industry creators.

Now, as I am new to the details of this particular industry, I am actively researching and learning what I need to learn.and I am using AI tools such as ChatGPT to do this. That in particular works as a supercharged Google Search and culminates and sorts information very well. In the interests of promoting this service I now offer, I am also doing the stock standard SEO thing of hammering up the keywords on my site, relating them directly to Onlyfans Video Editing and Video Editing for Escorts and Sex Workers and Creators in the Adult Industry and so on. And yes I just got pretty obnoxious with it just now.

Onlyfans & AI I actually think are a natural mix

But, I don't want these blogs to just be an SEO trawl. I want to legitimately offer good information for people, so what I’ve decided is that I will bang two birds and blend those pursuits through this blog. I am using AI tools to harvest up the best info on this or that relating to Onlyfans and Adult Industries in general, not just video editing, but things all across the board, learning it for myself, rewriting it through these posts, and adding my outsider’s perspective to what I find.

Maybe within that you guys might find something worth a damn, because I am actually collating the best known info and practices here for you to find, along with adding my own takes. I may be new to this specific industry, but this industry ain't nothing new. Many lessons and perspectives learned elsewhere, can absolutely be related here. Nothing works in isolation.

So take a look around the following blog posts, maybe starting with this one, and see if you can gain something useful for your own pursuits.

Or… contact me and talk directly.

Yes I am writing these posts for SEO purposes, primarily to draw prospective eyes to my Onlyfans and Adult Industry Video & Photo Editing Services (see what I did there?). Full disclosure and transparency here. But this doesn’t mean you can’t also still find out some stuff. I want what content I put up to actually be worth a damn.



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