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Promoting Onlyfans, Socials, SEO and AI - Part 5

Catching the Coming AI Wave.

This is Part 5 of a multi-part blog series focused upon promoting Onlyfans and Adult Services using both old tried and true methods of SEO, and delving into the incorporation of new AI horizons. I am delving into the use of AI myself in the promotion and optimisation of my own Onlyfans Video Editing and Design services. As I learn and further refine my own strategies, I’ll be bringing them to you.

You can find Part 1 (here).


So this post is going to be focusing upon AI Tools, and how you might employ them in the promotion of your Onlyfans, Escort, and Adult Services whatever, SEO, SEO, keywords, Video Editing here buy my shit.

A lot of this one is going to be conceptual, because even though there are armies of marketers and content creators telling you the way you need to be doing things, really all anyone can do at the moment is guess. I’m also going to avoid referring to too many specifics here, because this stuff is running at blitz speed, and any one tool I refer to ‘will’ be outmatched and outdated by another within months. What I’ll try doing instead is suggest general tactics you might take and run with in your own research.

For my part, I’m trying to be all Sun Tzu with this shit. Yes the tactics change, but the strategies tend to remain pretty closely aligned regardless of the weapons and equipment employed. In Sun Tzu’s era it was all swords, cavalry and grain distribution. Today it’s globally economic in nature, backed up by sea-lane dominance and over-the-horizon quick-strike doctrines… but “Know Your Enemy”, “Winning Before the Fight” and “The Ultimate Victory is when the Enemy Defects to Your Side” still holds true in any age, regardless of the tools.

Yes, I’m a war strategy dork. Sue me.

"To summit the peaks of Onlyfans domination, dat Bitch needs be crazy-nasty." - Sun Tzu

Or better yet, check out my book series JIVE:THREE-FIVE available on ebook and print, which leans on all this kinda stuff. Make a’me aall’da’monehhzz.


The best approach I think in this coming global WTF is going to be knowing your core strategy and to avoid anchoring yourself to any particular tools or platforms. Keep yourself adaptable, open to reinterpreting your strategic framework, and ready to break and roll the moment calamity closes or opportunity knocks.

The next time Onlyfans makes a clusterfuck of an announcement like “Yeah we’re gonna ban adult content… Hey where’s everybody going?” You need to already know about the available alternatives, and be ready to jump ahead of the incoming wave. That short month’s window where you’re one of the few may just be what swings the algorithm to your favour and spikes you to the top.

Now yes, before I mentioned that honing to a few primary monetised platforms is good, and in this light that might sound like ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’. Leaving Onlyfans and going to a platform like Fanvue might mean leaving a whole channel’s worth of content and revenue behind.

Or… it’s an opportunity to grab all that old non-selling content, wrap them into bundles, and reconsolidate and redefine your online identity. You post on socials “Special offer! All my old content you might have missed is now available to buy in bundles, and subs to my new channel get 1 bundle free!” You’ve then not only incentivised the old subs, but potentially attracted a heap of new ones as well.

As an aside: It might be good for you to gameplan out your response to such a catastrophe. That way it’s not a surprise. So anyway, that’s strategy. The tactics are something else, and that is where the tools come in.

So, What Can AI Do For You?

Yes I have used ChatGPT to create the framework of this blog series, but pretty much everything you’ve read has come from my own mouth… fingers… brain? These words are all my own is what I'm saying, but the research and structure has been assisted by AI. I would strongly advise all creators, in not just Onlyfans and Adult Services, but across the board to start considering how you might incorporate such tools into your operations, not as replacements, but as assistants.

Most people seem to be using such tools for generic nothings like finding a good birthday present for people, essentially using it like a souped up Google Search. Now the reality is, it actually is just that, but the ability it has for recalling the earlier notes in your conversation and presenting things in context offers a really key opportunity for light bulb moments I find. You only need to know how to approach it and manage your expectations. Quite often the answer you seek lies several steps down the track, rather than just in the first request. Quite often you actually already know the answer; you’ve only needed another to hold it up in your face. The contextual approach ChatGPT offers is invaluable for this.

So how might you use it?

Recon and Pathfinding

You can use AI to find you the smoke stacks upon the horizon, and the path through the jungle to meet them.

Use it to learn your landscape. What are your best platforms? Alternate platforms? What’s the general success rate for this pursuit or that? Find out the steps for how to get you from A to B. Have the tool break down those steps further and adapt them yourself to your optimal procedures. Learn the best tools, equipment and techniques you might use for those procedures.

Take each of those separately and find out what other industries use them. Find out how they use them, and perhaps learn some other tools and techniques that no one in your industry has any clue about.

Use ChatGPT and AI alternatives to work all that out to the granular level… and then ask ‘what else can be done?’ because that’s how you uncover the real shit.

Be advised; GPT currently has a limit on its data resources that restrict it to the most part to 2021 information. This will likely change in the upcoming versions, but always check, and keep that in mind when dealing with specifics. Instead of asking for the latest info, maybe ask for the popular places where you might find the latest info.

This is simply a video I found among very very many, which lays out a bunch of possibilities for ChatGPT:

Content Conceptualisation, Research & Development

If you have a niche, use ChatGPT and other tools to find where those audiences lie, and what they best respond to.

You could also perhaps better define that niche by learning the associated and relatable search terms and keywords. There may be very similar avenues hidden to you in plain sight just simply because you don’t know the more commonly used key phrase for it.

On the Identity Development side, gather up a ‘mood board’ of related visual styles that appeal to you, then take some element all of your own and inject it in there using an AI Image Generator.

At the moment there are a fair few which allow for NSFW content, Onlyfans itself has one, but they’re pretty much all based upon the framework of ‘Stable Diffusion’, so I figure you may as well just go straight to the source and learn that. It will at least be the most streamlined way, and the least likely to have a heap of extra charges added to it.

That being said; it’s not as simple as you might think. You don’t just ‘write a prompt’ and it does it for you. Case in point, I just now did that very thing…

And all I can say is fuckin’ lol.

You’ve got to learn how to articulate your prompts. To draw something you need to gain finesse with a pencil. For this you need finesse with your words. Luckily there is a whole bunch of people on YouTube and so on who go right into this stuff in detail. They will show you precisely how you should be thinking in terms of articulating prompts.

Something you could potentially do is use it to create a character or style for yourself.

There are ways of ‘photo bashing’ compositions together. Check this video here on what I’m talking about, which shows how to do it using Midjourney.

How you could use it is by dropping images of yourself into other backgrounds and aesthetic samples and creating some concepts. Make yourself a Space Sex Sorceress with horns and tail and mystical warp energies surging all around you (like some hotass 40K Baddie), or maybe take that Hentai role-play thing waaayyy up a notch. Tentacles anyone?

I dunno, maybe use brightly coloured (so visually defined) paper tentacle cut outs and lay them over you, sample the RGB values, then ask the AI to convert the shapes of that specific value into tentacles following the paths of those shapes.

I have no idea if that would work, but why not. You’d have to say to include nearby similar colour range or something to account for tonal fluctuations, but yeah you get the idea. I’m just trying to get you good tentacles, I’m an Onlyfans Video Editor, it’s what I do.

Now at the moment this tech is pretty limited to still images, but we can pretty safely say that the capability for video is just around the corner. There is also heavy limits on XXX content, but there is absolutely no chance in hell that option isn’t very quickly coming down the track.

Do people like money? Yes.

So whatever ideas you might conceptualise today, hold onto them. If you find you can’t do them now, wait a bit, and keep your eye out on what’s available. Maybe in the meantime you could break them down into more currently achievable lead-ins and test prototypes you might use to test audience response here and there. Then by the time technology catches up to allow you that pursuit, you’re better informed in regards to approach.

A simpler way might be to learn a thing or two about lighting, use a greenscreen, an AI image generator, and place yourself anywhere you damn like.

Maybe you bang a Pool boy in Spain… next week you bang a Pool boy in the Sahara, maybe get into wire-work and bang a Pool boy in zero-G on the International Space Station, I dunno I’m just spit-balling here. What I’m saying is that it’s quite literally limited now only to your imagination, and your imagination can now be supercharged through AI.

You know what? Maybe give it a year.

General Content Creation

There are a myriad of tools you can use to generate content, whether it be to write a script, set your background, make the camera cuts, add music, format to different resolutions and whatever. As I said earlier, I’m going to avoid posting specifics, because there’s no point. I just did a search now for video generators and picked randomly…

There. There you go, use those… then in two weeks time check again and find another from a whole new list. We’re in a flux period now, and it’ll be a little time yet before the dominant tools float to the top and stabilise things. You’ll need to just do your own research, try some out, and see if any suit.

Tools like these, though being certainly useful ‘now’, I think have a very defined shelf-life, and not even a long one. By all means jump on it now and use it to get those numbers up if that is your intent, but always keep in mind that there is a flood closing right in behind you where in not even a year’s time every muthafucka is going to be doing this same thing. They will be producing the same generic shit at the same generic quality, and thus drowning your content out. So expect to drop it very soon, and always be looking out for the newer alternatives.

My personal strategy tends to be about playing the long term game, so I tend to avoid these types of things, but… you do you. You might find that one particular tool in that one particular moment is precisely what you need to get over that one particular hurdle and place you where you need to be. I haven’t yet found that for myself, but I am looking for it, with the expectation I will drop it the moment the crowd follows suit.

Post Scheduling & Meta-level Operations

You can use AI tools to schedule your posts across your different platforms, so it just comes down to you producing the content then letting the system do the rest.

They can help you maybe track down sponsors.

Sponsors for Onlyfans Creators? Escorts?

Sure why not? Do you have an audience? Are you getting clicks? Well that is advertising revenue for a sponsor trying to get their products out there. Ask ChatGPT what products and services relate most to your specific area and start messaging around.

You can also use Google AdSense and Facebook Ads to streamline relevant ads to your audience.

I don’t know how many Onlyfans creators are painting RAID: Legends on their asses, but it seems to work for a lotta YouTubers. Maybe start there?

Otherwise, you can ‘definitely’ use these tools to cover your analytics and data harvesting. Track your performance across platforms and identify the places where you could focus.

And finally…

Community Engagement & Management

A bunch of Onlyfans Creators are using chatbots now to engage with their audiences. They automatically respond to messages and comments with canned replies.

I’m kinda on two minds about this. If you’re keeping it minimal and obvious, not trying to pass the bot off as you, then I’m all for it. I’m thinking though that by pressing too much in this, you risk losing what I feel is your most valuable asset, and that is the audience’s connection with you…

And I press more upon this in the final post in this series, Part 6 - Will AI Replace Us?

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