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Promoting Onlyfans, Socials, SEO and AI - Part 6

Will AI Replace Us? AI, Onlyfans & Sex Robots

This is Part 6 of a multi-part blog series focused upon promoting Onlyfans and Adult Services using both old tried and true methods of SEO, and delving into the incorporation of new AI horizons. I am delving into the use of AI myself in the promotion and optimisation of my own Onlyfans Video Editing and Design services. As I learn and further refine my own strategies, I’ll be bringing them to you.

You can find Part 1 (here).


So you might think I’m shooting myself in the foot here being an Onlyfans Video Editor promoting Video Creation tools to Onlyfans Creators…

But that’s thing. I’m not worried about AI taking my job, because AI can’t do my job.

AI can do the editing. It can add music and write shitty boring ass scripts even. It can replicate each and every individual literal step in the creation of a video, or arrangement of a post or whatever… but it can’t do what I do.

The people placing all their stock in these tools, all they’re ever going to be is the mainstreamers, the undefined, and I don’t tend to work with those kinds anyway. AI cannot conceptualise, it cannot find value in alternate paths and know to employ that as a strategy. It doesn’t understand strategy.

I had a client once say to me; “Oh make sure to follow the rule that no one clip exceeds 3seconds.”

I came back and said “Who told you that bollocks? If a scene requires 8seconds, then it’s going for 8 seconds.”

See she had apparently been watching all these ’10 tips’ bullshit vids, and apparently ‘some guy’ in one of them said that no clip can be more than 3seconds long… so that’s it apparently. That's how it absolutely had to be done.

So it turns out she didn’t like that response, and decided to test me against another editor, getting us both to make a short 1min video from the same footage. Now I didn’t see his video, but she said mine was way sexier… because of course it freaken was. The poor other dude was probably trying to stick to that stupid 3second rule.

I meanwhile had no ‘formula’, no industrialised template. I laid down a music track, felt my way through it, matching the key scenes and moments in a first pass, then ran through it again, and again, and again on consecutive passes, fine-tuning the timing of the cuts, following the camera motions and timing of the actions on screen to flow into each other. Now on a literal level, AI actually can do that too. It can detect music beats, can identify camera movements… but it can’t recognise that one part when you need to use a beat and a half, or a pre-emptive drop to set up an overstatement on the following verse.

It’s consistency that creates ‘content’. It’s emotionally placed ‘inconsistency’ which makes art.

AI can see that everyone keeps their cuts to 3seconds, because one day fucknuts over there posted a list that went viral, and everyone started following that in their desperation to ‘do the right thing’. But I guarantee you that even he doesn’t stick to that rule, because he just made that list solely to get out some content that day. He doesn’t care. He got the clicks; move on. These guys may get all authoritative on these ‘absolute ways you must do this’ videos, because that in itself is a grift tactic. They don’t actually believe it.

But AI does.

AI researches that, sees all of the voices out there pushing this narrative, and decides well that must be how it’s done. It then goes on to make you a completely soulless nothing video with clinical 3second cuts, irrespective of all weight of what’s actually being shown in the clip, just like the ‘literally’ 40,000 other soulless nothing videos with clinical 3second cuts it made for others that day.

Good luck with that whole ‘defining yourself within the market’ thing. That should go well for you.

If you’ve read through this blog series, then you can see clearly that an AI cannot think the way I do. I’m not saying I’m smart or anything, but a human just works differently. A human creates and conceptualises; an AI merely consolidates what’s already there.

Yes indeed the old 80s ‘twins’ fantasy is alive and well, and yes individually there are three superficially attractive characters depicted in this image. This one even gets the bodies more closely matched.

But seriously…

If you actually walked into a room and found ^this^, for real, tell me you would not be utterly freaked out? ... I mean yeah sure I'd probably make do and give it a good go for "research purposes" and all that, and you do need to recreate those initial results in order to really qualify the experiment, but I'd do with tense shoulders and a twitch to my eye, because this is creepy as ffffuuuuuu.

Not mention the weird-ass portal room they're in, but the Creepazoid Triplets above will not replace you. You are human. You are something completely different to them.

Now, I would be remiss if I weren’t to acknowledge the utility nature of male sexuality. We literally access the same part of our brains when engaging in sex as we do when engaging tools. Our partners in that moment are ‘literally’ sex objects to us, literally. They are a means to an end.

Now yes they are also other aspects as well, they're not 'solely' objects, but that does not change this reality, nor the fact that artificial replicants like the Creepazets will absolutely be enough for the immediate gratification of many. I will say right now that fibonacci face is gorgeous, and matched with the groman curves and softness and all that good stuff, the package is pretty damn A+. Even knowing, and clinically analysing these images the way I have, these ‘forms’ I see cause a genuine arousal effect… for a moment.

There is also the confidence aspect.

Men go through their entire lives having to impress, and most of us don’t. People don’t just want us for us. We have to earn attraction. We have to be worthy of it, and we mostly fail at this. Now yes I’m talking generally and hyperbolic here, but that’s because that is precisely the narrative passing through many, many, many men’s minds these days.

The pressure in this world of industrialised social comparison is immense for men just as it is for women, and a lot of men just simply check out of the whole thing.

Fibbie tha Creepazoid though will never judge them, not even on the inside. They won’t ever have to perform with her, or live up to a standard. With her they can just ‘be’. That doll, that replicant may in fact become a sanctuary for them, the only one they have in life where there is no pressure, and that’s a pretty big thing.

Now add those looks to the equation:

This girl… ^^This girl right here^^, with those gorgeous 1.618ratio looks and her creepy-ass fingers, ‘this girl’ will legitimately never judge you. Can you even imagine a girl, looking like that, who will never judge or be disappointed, or become bored with you and look elsewhere?

That is not nothing.

So yes, a portion of your audience will likely be lost through the advancement of AI.

But Fibbie tha Creepazoid still won’t be real… and the thing with Humans is that ‘challenge’ will forever remain our primary muse.

I think Escorts and ‘live’ experience workers are going to have the advantage here, but even content-only workers will ultimately be just fine. An AI can recreate pixels to display the equivalent of your image. It will very soon be able to recreate your equivalent in video as well. It will recreate you in an interactive game, with a sex suit the audience can wear, providing a virtual you as a sexual slave serving their every desire. It’ll recreate your voice, soft, loud, however the condition parameters require, It’ll recreate pre-captured superficial reactions and behaviours… but it won’t ever be you.

The audience of that AI ain’t getting you, not your ‘life’, not your true reactions to events and contemplations, they’re not going to get your next off-beat idea which takes your content in a fresh new direction that only you could have conceptualised.

The virtual you can switch it up, sure… to an entirely standard-ass direction, because it only ever functions in reference to what’s already there.

The AI’s audience won’t get your down times; the moments you’re feeling flat and happen to sigh heavily a particular way on stream one night because something in your life has occurred, something they won’t ever know. They won’t ever be able to write that one comment which counters that weight for just that moment enough to cause the slightest of smirks to peek through on your face. They will never feel the warmth of earning that reward.

No audience will ever be able to genuinely impress the virtual version of you. She may ‘act’ impressed by them, might remain ever attentive, play the perfect servant to their emotional needs. But they will always have you in their peripherals, NOT paying them attention, talking to others, spacing out to think about things that don’t involve them. And that one little glance, that single ‘acknowledgment' of them that you may one day give… that greatly supersedes any procedurally generated laugh the AI of the virtual you might deliver, a laugh it enacted through detection of their last interaction falling within the parameters of what is defined as a joke.

if (joke conditions met > laugh)


// Play giggle.


She giggles.

They tell you the same joke; you frown, half smirk, give them a side-pitched entirely judging look and say “Pleeaaasse.”

That reaction is unfathomable by comparison. The value you offer is utterly non-replicable.

By keeping all of this in mind, and letting it inform your direction, the coming AI renaissance ain’t gonna hurt you at all.

That’s my point about maintaining strategy. Being a content editor is not my strategy. Making money is not my strategy. I’m not going to tell you my strategy, but those are just tactics, utterly replaceable and interchangeable. I might not even be a Video Editor in 5 years time. I might be an ‘AI Compositional Conductor’ building orchestras out of this shit. And I gotta say that actually sounds pretty cool. I’m in.

If you can adopt that same mental approach, and see the prospects of AI for what they are, and what they might do for you, then you’ll be seeing nothing but opportunities upon the horizon as well.

And in that light I will conclude this blog series, but I will do so with a warning...

Yes, I could have just had ChatGPT write this entire thing, I could have pasted it straight out of the dialogue box and saved myself like two days of writing. But would you have read this far had I done so? Would you now be considering using my services for all your Onlyfans and Adult Video Editing and Design needs? and giving me millions of dollars and buying me a Tesla Roadster? No. But you are now, and that’s because I created this with my own voice.

AI will only ever be just a tool. I’ve mentioned already the need for maintaining ‘you’, and AI just ain’t ever going to deliver that. It is an assistant, not the creator. You are the creator, because in this industry you are the product.

It’s going to be so easy for us all in this coming WTF to lose ourselves and what makes us ‘us’. It will be so easy “to just let AI do it”, that most of us won’t even realise it has happened. Keep an eye out and watch for it. People are already cookie-cutter templates of each other, all speaking the same words and adopting the same looks, adopting and promoting the same ’10 tips for success’. Well that’s about to accelerate a hundred fold at least. By identifying it in others, you will find it in yourself, and be much more capable of countering it.

Yes there will be a flood of competing content that yours will need to contend with. But within total darkness you only need but spark a little to capture the entire frame.

It will be those who hold on to themselves and their own definition who are going to become the beacons in this coming new age. Don’t let AI train you. Keep it at arms length and hold on to you at all costs, because in this age of replicants, that will be the only thing offering any tangible value.


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