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“WOW, Great ending! You made me cry in public!” 


In the year 2040 three men sat down with me to be interviewed for my first ever documentary. They each told me a story of an event 20 years before which changed the very course of the world.


Adam was from Manchester, a postal worker made redundant through automation. He signed up as a volunteer aid worker in the Georgian War, embracing his first trip away from home and discovering a new appreciation of life and giving back. Through his recollections he meets new friends, challenges, realities, and a hot Spaniard adding a spicy hit to it all.


Gregory at that time was The President of The United States. He told me of the social turmoil his country was experiencing and the state of the world post financial meltdown. He spoke of the collapse of Russia and the EU, and of a new technology-diva and liberal superstar taking the reigns of the Russian Presidency, joining with European powerhouses to found the Tri-Pact Union, and the sudden reveal of her game-changing military technology which has brought the global strategic momentum to a halt.


And Fidz also told me his story as well. The boisterous if somewhat obnoxious African-Brit with his friend took me through his self-proclaimed genius employment of ‘Tactical Streaking’ for sponsorship. He talks of his minor celebrity at the time, his broad ambitions for going large, and his ‘relationship of sorts’ with Adam’s young sister Jenny.


Through the interweaving of their three stories I learn of Captain Salinger and his team from the Combat Applications Group active within the shadows of the Georgian War. Tasked by the President for use by the CIA Special Activities Division, they are assigned the mysterious task of seeking and taking a political prize at large in Georgia, for the stability of The United States.


But I also learn of Kapitan Reznikov and his own team formerly of Russian GRU ‘Vega’. They now play within those Georgian shadows as well, technology play-testers for the new Blade of the Union. They too seek this prize, and I learn of how Salinger and Reznikov move against one another within these shadows, racing to reach it first, the old-world grievances still fresh in the mind during this new world age of friendship and cooperation.


However the servant of an old-world puppet lurks with them. “Prasha”, with his own team of Pasdaran Quds Force, who weave between them both to take that target back for Iran.


But it is Adam I learn who had stumbled upon that prize. We learn of his time in hiding, at large, this young naive nobody now with the power of the world hunting him down. He told me of his experience 20 years on, Gregory told me of the world’s true puppeteers, and Fidz spoke of how the fate of a teen girl and the very world itself may have just hinged upon the strategic use of his bare arse.


“This book is crazy. I love it!”




Absolutely thrilling with a side of humour


“Tacticolo is a masterpiece! The three stories intertwine beautifully and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I found it difficult to put the book down. Just wait until you find out what Tacticolo means!”

Fascinating read


“Tacticolo is a difficult book to put down once you start it. Dani has a fascinating style of writing, with incredible depths of worldbuilding and characters that help propel the story forward relentlessly. Can’t wait to get into the next book.”

I really enjoyed this story 


“This book is a great story of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. The characters are very well drawn and believable, and the plot moves along at a good pace and is never dull. Recommended.”



“Looking forward to the next book in the series. Dani brings interesting and grounded characters to life and weaves them into an extraordinary set of events without taking them out of reach. Definitely recommended.”

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