My oldest story, first a teenager’s comic strip about the mission of a sexy ninja girl inspired by the Playstation game ‘Tenchu’.

Now stands a vast reaching epic spanning the eastern realm of 1600ad. From the Silk Road in Gansu, the western-most reaches of the waning Ming Empire, under assault by a new Mongol federation of Steppe Khanates, the Tibetan Empire, Manchu Nomads, and Tsardom Cossacks.

From the sea the war-hardened Island Shogunate floods the Joseon Kingdom while a Christian Wokou Pirate Empire raids the southern coasts, and rival Western Barbarians with invincible Black ships and alchemist weaponry undermine the region with their cold clinical doctrine of the bloodied Cross.

From the shadows lure nomadic trickster descendants of Persian Nizari, or stalks the strategic operational precision of Islander Shinobi. The swordsmen roam, the horsemen surge, the new merchant elite tug at the strings, while the Daoists ever dance with the creatures of legend upon the final separation of the modern technological human realm, and spiritual realm of Jahannam, Diyu, Meifumado… Hell. 

And then a teenager, exquisite, exotic, and erotic Aysun, a prize unveiled now within the midst of it all, draws the attentions of all in turn. 

Purple Orchid is now 20 years in the making. It has been restructured and rewritten numerous times, with the central premise and character evolving through numerous names, heritage, location, and intent. 

It is a 5-book work, following the progressions, failings, and forging of a goddess of war.

Book One - The Strength

Book Two - The Soul

Book Three - The Seethe

Book Four - The Sense

Book Five - The Sword

I have no projections for the launch of Purple Orchid, and frankly, allowing it to incubate and develop itself in its own time has come greatly to its benefit. If you’re interested, follow my social media handles,

“I am a lost cause, Benjiro-sama. I’m a bastard, I am beautiful, have big tits and I’m barren… Serving men is just what I am made for. It’s obvious. What other value do I have?” 

She wasn’t looking at him as she said that, and had kept her eyes instead to the peaceful waters. Tears threatened to expose her, though she breathed it out through her teeth.

“Focused upon those…” the old man said, pointing straight to her breasts, “nothing.”

He then took his sword up in hand from the rock, and she found him holding it to the air before her.  

“Focused upon this…” he then told her, “whatever you damn like.”