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Aurora Aksnes - The Curse of FEAR on INFP (& other) Creatives.

This video essay focuses upon the highly authentic and expressive Norwegian music artist Aurora Aksnes, an INFP personality, though one bearing an exceptional level of confidence defying the modern INFP stereotype. I believe her manner is in fact a window into the true nature of such personalities, and it is in fact modern society which is failing the individuals, not the other way around.

I cover how it is Aurora greatly differs from most other INFPs, and explore what the rest of us might do to bring some of that authenticity to ourselves. Referring to my own history and practices, I attempt to extrapolate the foundations and building blocks behind our differing levels of confidence and ability for expression, and try to uncover paths towards bridging that gap.


This video is actually piggybacking off of another video done by a channel called 'An Anxious Idealist', a very in-depth MBTI analysis of Aurora as an INFP. You can find that video here:


This is my first video in well over a year. I hope to start doing videos more regularly now, so if this kind of this interests you, you can either like the vid and subscribe to my channel on YouTube, or sign up to my mailing list through this site and be kept up to date on my new releases.


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