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The founding story, and cornerstone to my Sayareh narrative universe.


A 2-part story about the meaning of reality in a hyper-commercial world, founded in my explorations into Conspiracy Theory, Commercialism, Psychology, Philosophy, Marketing and the Military Industrial Complex.

Liam, once a fresh-eyed draftee, stands now a 4-year veteran of the Iran War with his 2-year term likely to be renewed a second time. Home has forgotten him, he has forgotten home, and no fantasy of a future ever existed for him there regardless. As media and corps rush around him to exploit the action of combat and PTSD-charged debauchery, only the safety of the young teen recruits now occupies Liam’s mind. He survives this reality day-by-day, daring never to dream of more.

Steve, a veteran of the e-sport battlefields, watches that fantasy world of wondrous war from Las Vegas through the lens of his aerial combat drone. As his squadron banter about him, he tabs between his media and online game, losing himself in the sensorial feasts offered beyond the screen. He wonders what reality might be like within that not-so-distant exotic Persian locale, offering real action and danger, and sensual delights of real girls gone wild.

Steve suffers a crack in his fantasy for just a moment; just time enough to reveal how little awaits him in that dark, empty, lonely, soulless world ever lurking over his shoulder. Liam meanwhile dies… perhaps… to respawn and wander a new world of glitz and ruin. He progresses from quest to quest till finding himself before an angel. She is ethereal, inhuman, if sourced from a dream. She requests his service with the promise of gold… and Liam gains something truly real.

“C’mon, Dude, tell us. This shit real or what?”

“… I have no idea.”

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