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The multi-part culmination of the Sayareh world.

I have all the parts, know the events which take place… I’m still just structuring how.

I’ll update here as I go.


Raghida Romanova is a young single woman of the new 21st Century Middle East. Her natural flair for spontaneity and mischief, while regularly sending her personal life into shambles, powers her into the air as call-sign ‘Diva’ for the fledgling Hammari Empire’s ‘WindGuard’ Air Talon.


Regional tensions brew, and ‘Diva’ with her lead ‘Volk’ take their state of the art combat systems into the Persian Gulf for an official Imperial reply. After the tense first open engagement since the Iran War, the region’s herralded new era of promise finds itself on the brink of another bloody war.


But as the world holds gripped in anticipation, and each side postures, manoeuvres and stands ready to engage, Diva and Volk find themselves grounded and on stand-by. The memories of the engagement begin to surface, and Raghi’s renowned mischievousness and spontaneity threaten to take control. It is soon the biggest threat to the unflinching ‘Diva’ may just be Raghida herself.

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